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The Hindu Kush mountains are a beautiful landscape in Afghanistan. Though recent years have seen much conflict in the region, it use to be associated with some of the world’s best cannabis. The Kush landrace, named after these mountains, has a rich history worth exploring. Buy Vape Dank.

The Hindu Kush mountains are the westernmost region of the Himalayas. These are some of the most strikingly beautiful mountains in the world. They are also among the most dangerous, before you even get into the region’s long history of warfare. Alexander the Great explore these peaks. Today, the US military is still station there. Buy Vape Dank.

These mountains have known times of relative peace. Before the hard times of Soviet invasion and Islamic totalitarianism, Afghanistan was a modernising nation that welcomed visitors. In the ‘60s and ‘70s in particular, tourists were known to explore this area for one particular feature; cannabis plants had grown in the wild here for centuries. They were reputedly among the world’s best. When their seeds were discovered, they were brought around the world, and subsequently change cannabis for all of us.

If you have ever had a Kush strain, you will know that it is a reliable mark of quality. Kush strains carry the name of the mountains from which their landrace originated. The mountains themselves have a name of unclear origin. “Hindu” is a corruption of the “Indus” river, which Westerners later named India. The word “kush”, however, has uncertain and hotly-contested origins. In the modern world, Kush is synonymous with high-quality cannabis. The genetics of the plant had thousands of years to flourish in the Hindu Kush mountains. They often grew on inaccessible mountainsides, safe from many dangers and at an altitude slightly closer to the Sun. Combined with the rich soil of the region, the terroir was ideally suited for cannabis to grow potent. Chem dawg dank vapes.

Visitors to the Hindu Kush smuggled seeds of these plants around the world. Kush strains began to appear, often combined with other strains to make a range of hybrids. There is an enduring popularity to Kush strains. Song lyrics and even song titles refer to cannabis as Kush, conveying a sophisticated taste in cannabis. There are just so many attributes that make Kush properties appealing. A pure Kush is an indica plant, with euphoric effects that relax the body, often to the point of making one sleepy. It also does wonders for relieving pain and delivering a powerful high with its impressive THC content. Charging the vape dank.

Orange hairs and a frosting of trichomes cover dense buds with a vividly strong green colour. It is a good sign when buds are so resinous they feel sticky. That means there is probably a lot of THC being stored in the trichomes. Candy land dank vapes. Perhaps the most recognisable aspect of Kush is that unmistakable aroma. As though transporting you to the mountains from which they came, there is a sharp pine scent. The smell tends to be particularly pungent and earthy, containing many hints of spice, sandalwood, and herbs. It just makes a Kush strain all the more sumptuous. It can get sensual when you combine that flavour with another tasty variety. Kush has taken off in a big way and has formed the foundation for a legacy of subsequent classic hybrids. Can you unsrew a dank vapes cartridge.


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